Our Start

Our company is established on year 1995, from its establishment up to 2003 our activities were focused to Repairing of Electrical and Electronic Industrial Systems, then in order to offer integrated technical services in specific field, we have focused on weighing systems services based on that our company name became Libya Scales, accordingly we have improved our services continuously to cover all services in the scope of weighing systems, so that we can offer complete solutions to our customers, we import weighing systems components from internationally well known weighing systems manufacturers, and we have established long term business relationships with them, because of our attendance in international exhibitions for weighing systems, and visiting their manufacturing facilities.

Our History

Company Founder with first scale was installed by our company (2003)
Basem Toufik
First mixer we installed its weighing system (2003)
First Truck scale we installed on Tsawa agricultural project (2003)
Company workshop (2003)
Installing truck scale for Libyan Iron and Steal company (2005)
Installing truck scale on Desa agricultural project (2007)

Company Policy

Because time is very critical and important for our clients, we have adopted a strategy of keeping ready in our hands in our stock weighing systems components, and spare parts, that we import regularly from our suppliers, to ensure not to let our clients wait for a service that needs some hardware long time, some times up to 45 days, because the manufacturers policy allover the world nowadays not to keep a stock of their products, they start production when the order is confirmed.

Weighing systems are supposed to give accurate weight readings, this accuracy is specified in International standards, that we are aware of, and continuously we keep updated about what is new. Most important standard recommendations about weighing systems that are issued by International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML), we completely adopting these standards during our installation, calibration, and verifications of weighing systems, it is worth mentioning that local regulations in Libya concerning legal metrology are not yet well developed, but we try our best to coordinate with departments of metrology when never that is possible.